Our Main Revenue Sources Primary sources of our income

We basically do three types of activites namely oil mining, oil trading and oil supply .

Our main revenue comes primarily from three regular activities namely oil mining, trading and supply. Our team is branched into three base categories - workers, testers and board members. The workers are further sub-divided according to their areas of expertise in mining, trading and supply. Each of the base categories is synchronized with each other and follow certain principles of communication which prevents functional and human errors. Our activities are described below.

Oil Mining & Production

Crude oil is found in the depths of the Earth. It is brought to the surface with the aid of sophisticated machinery and complex processes. Once a potential accumulation of crude has been discovered, it is analyzed for commercial purposes, whether the accumulation can be produced profitably or not. If the accumulation pass the commerciality tests, a hole is drilled into the Earth up to the depth where the accumulation is situated. This involves the use of a drilling rig, drill bits and various chemicals used to control the process of drilling. The rig is an assembly of components, and the most important component is the drill string. This component is actually a combination of various smaller devices and has a drill bit at the end, which is the tool used to dig into the earth.

Oil Trading

Oil futures are contracts in which you agree to exchange a set amount of oil at a set price on a set date. They are traded on futures exchanges, and are the most commonly used method of buying and selling oil. While oil importers and exporters use futures to insure against the adverse effects of oil price volatility, traders can use them to speculate on oil without buying or selling the commodity itself. That’s because the prices of oil futures will move as the value of oil goes up or down.So instead of buying oil, storing it, waiting for its price to increase and then selling it on and arranging for it to be delivered, you can buy a futures contract and then sell the contract before it expires. In doing so, we're taking advantage of the same increase in price without the same logistical effort.

Oil Barrel Supply

We produce around 200k barrels of oil per day, and over 500 million cubic feet of raw gas per day, which places us among the largest mid-level energy producers in the world. We are committed to producing a target of 1 million barrels of oil per day by 2021, with due consideration of prevailing market conditions, and are constantly researching, developing and implementing innovative technologies and approaches that will enable us to enhance recovery and ensure improved production efficiency.

Our Investment Approach Steps to scrutinize our investment projects
Investment Domain Selection

Many oil and gas investment funds are comprised of scores of projects with varying probabilities of production. In the end, the collective performance of the fund enables the investor to walk away with a moderate ROI. That’s not us. Our unique skill set and market positioning empower us to take a different approach. Our oil and gas investment strategy targets low risk-high probability investments, which, as you can imagine, are difficult to find. In fact, more than 90% of all oil and gas investment opportunities fail to meet our minimum requirements.

Careful Target Analysis

How do we determine the quality of an investment project? Since the mid-2000’s, Matthew Wallace, our director serves the oil and gas industry as a professional civil engineer by degree and registered petroleum engineer by examination with various professional engineers. His hands-on experience in drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and artificial lift equip him to evaluate every potential project we see. Because our oil and gas investment strategy hinges upon investing in phenomenal projects, we go on site to inspect a project’s every nook and corner before a penny is ever invested. With precise knowledge of the intricacies of each potential oil and gas project, we evaluate whether the project falls into the top 10% of all investment opportunities. If it does, then we supply the capital it needs. If it doesn’t, then we don’t. It’s that simple.

A Word from our CEO

Finding shortcuts in project evaluation? No. We’re not aloof investors. We invest our own money into almost every project we fund.

- Louie Vincent, Director
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