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Oil Trading Group Officially Launched Today!

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Welcome to our online investment project!

Oil Trading Group was officially launched on July 10, 2020. Our company incorporated on June 12, 2019. We were established with the objective of spearheading the company into the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Our strategy was to consolidate all energy businesses into a single corporate entity. However, later looking at the very nature of the oil & gas business which requires focus and large investments, we wanted to initiate an investment platform which would be profitable to both the investors & the company simultaneously.

Our projects are secured and implemented in strategic alliances with both foreign & domestic oil companies. Thus, the company which is presently headquartered in London, has joint ventures with companies of international repute and standing in the business. Its portfolio includes interests in exploration and production blocks all over the globe.

We guarantee full security of your funds and quick payments. We have 2 types of affiliate programs for our partners. Use all the ways to earn money - direct investment or referral program and get income in the most convenient way for your currencies. These opportunities should meet our varied range of investment and business standards along with the standards of our extensive global network of affiliates, clients, and partners. Becoming our partner, you can personally feel all the benefits of cooperation with us. Besides, do not forget to tell your friends about our company.

You can start investing and earn daily profits now!

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Jul-10-2020 06:23:17 AM